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We, the Senior Class of 1976, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following to our unfortunate underclassman as witnessed by God....



Tim Abair    -    my height to Gary Larson.

Nancy Beskau    -    my height to Branda Ray.

Carol Butler    -    my height to Branda Ray.

Joy Conley    -    my womanliness to Debbie Couch.

Mark Couch    -    my superior intelligence to my less than intelligent sister, Debbie.

Angel Crowe    -    my Robert Redford pictures to Pam Roberts.

Dave Esperson    -   my many hours of hard labor in Chemistry and Physics lab to whoever is foolish enough to take those classes.

Daniel Ferg    -   my good luck to the junior boys.

Mike Fern    -    my many boring hours of 5th and 6th hour lunch duty with Van Ranst  and Schell to Brad Siebold.

Karen Fogerty    -    my braces to Linda Arneson.

Karen Francis    -    my quiet polite manners to Terri Westaby.

Bruce French    -    my singing ability to Rick Johnson.

Dale Gardener    -    will the dead end road to all the underclassmen.

Bill George    -    my superior ability to get the paper out on time, to the next Mass Media class.

Brenda Grinnell    -   my height to Lori Boumeester.

Jamie Grupe    -    my ability to be steady and calm to Dick O'Connell.

Bryan Hawkins    -    my luck with women to whoever wants it.

Patty Hendricks    -    my split ends to Jody Evenson.

Jeff Hinkel    -   my wrestling ability and coordination to next years seniors (Jim Gillis).

Leroy Johnson    -    my ability to make smartass remarks to Jack Hiltunen, to all the underclassmen that take his classes.

Sonya Jensen    -    my hot pink bra and sex appeal to Barb Rasmussen. She needs them.

Laura Kamm    -    will my good attendance record to anyone who has trouble coming to school.

Jean Kerber    -    will my trusty erasers to Kay Ring for her future mistakes.

Robbie Koch    -    my baseball glove, pins and all, to Don Cody.

Jean Koshina     -    my job at Ford on May 22 to whoever wants it.

Delwin Magsam    -    my teeth to Rodney May.

Jeff Meyers    -    my good looks to Brady Benedict so he can get some hot girls

Jim  Mohn    -    my driving ability to Pete Chapin.

Eric Nelson    -    my ability to stay away from alcohol to all the past, present, and future classes at SCC.

Jim Neumann    -    my cycle and all of its problems to Bill Bradley.

Cindy Nielson    -    will my ability to get along with Mr Conley to all the underclassmen who will need it.

Scott Nilssen    -   my great hands to Don Cody.

Melinda Oakey    -    my singing ability to Terri Westaby, She needs all the help she can get.

Dave Ostrum    -    my ability to make quick judgements and quick reactions to Brian Weiss.

Lynde Pitts    -    my ability to get along with Mr Hiltunen to anyone who needs it.

Nancy Rivard    -    my ability to stay out of trouble to Lori Wendt

Kevin Ruetz    -    my ability not to get tight at Kevin Thoen to Don Cody.

Jim Sauerman    -    my wrestling ability to Scott Lamson.

Rebecca Schmahl    -    my slenderness to Michelle May.

Rita Schulte    -    my height to Lisa Green.

Scott Schafer    -    my courteousness to the underclassmen.

Joni Strand    -    will my sewing ability to Contemporary Clothing class.

Pat Strand    -    my impatient thrillingness to graduate to the junior class.

Cole Sutheimer    -    my big bunch of nothing to the underclassmen.

Brian Swenson    -    my drinking ability to Brady Benedict.

Kathy Swenson    -   my ability to get along with guys so well to anyone who needs it.

Kevin Thoen    -   my superb self-discipline and my extraordinary self-control to the entire class of 1977.

Donnie Timmerman    -    my economy car to the people who own gas guzzlers.

Ken Warren    -    my lips to Rod May. He needs them.

We, the senior members of the 1976 baseball team will our ability to bat over  .100 to Dick O'Connell.

We the senior members of the 1976 baseball team will our vast baseball knowledge and skill to Brian Weiss.