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What will you be doing in 1986?


Tim Abair    -    Playing for the Minnesota Northstars  (or is that Dallas...)

Dennis Arneson    -    Construction worker

Darlene Bazdell    -    Married and working at the D.Q.

Nancy Beskau    -    Married with 3 kids

Darold Brathol    -    Painting the ceiling of my house

Carol Butler    -    Married

Joy Conley    -    Secretary

Mark Couch    -    Working on covairs

Angel Crowe    -    Working with dietetics

Steve Dalton    -    Living with Bill George

Julie Daniels    -    Working

Drew Dickenson    -    Living at New Richmond County Farm

Dave Esperson    -    College professor (couldn't  you aim a little bit higher, Dave?)

Daniel Ferg    -    Working, living at home.

Mike Fern    -    Working on the farm

Karen Fogerty    -    Hermit

Karen Francis    -    House wife

Bruce French    -    Working

Dale Gardener    -    Working at Ray's Truck Stop

Bill George    -    Owner of Log Cabin

Brenda Grinnell    -    Trying to be tall

Jamie Grupe    -    Working

Mary Ann Hauser    -    Suzy Homaker

Bryan Hawkins    -    Working in a Las Vegas gambling casino

Patty Hendricks    -    Full time Pom Pom girl 

Jeff Hinkel    -    Married and working someplace

Keith Jacobson    -    Married and working at the D.Q.

Robbie Koch    -    Not available for comment  (how convenient...)

Jean Koshina     -    Lawyer

Jim Krizan    -    Kevin Ruetz's wrestling manager

Sandy Lindus    -    Nurse

Delwin Magsam    -    Working at Fabri-Tek

Jeff Meyers    -    Trying to do a decent imitation of Fonzie

Sue Mickelson    -    Kindergarten teacher

Larry Miller    -    Flying helicopters

Jim Mohn    -    Babysitting

Eric Nelson    -    Farmer

Jim Neumann    -    Wading in rice paddies

Cindy Nielson    -    Housewife

Scott Nilssen    -    Trying to crack a good joke  (still waiting......)

Melinda Oakey    -    Star of Metropolitan Opera

Jay O'Connell    -    Author of a famous book on sex  (I read it....thanks for the tips)

Dave Ostrum    -    Building hay bunks

Lynde Pitts    -    Combing my afro

Nancy Rivard    -    Drunk in a bar with Cole

Kevin Ruetz    -    Baron van Raschke's tag team partner

Jim Sauerman    -    Counting sheep

Rebecca Schmahl    -    Movie director

Rita Schulte    -    Gymnastics coach

Scott Schafer    -    Fixing cars

Paul Stoppel    -    Inmate at the County Nut Farm

Joni Strand    -    Working in my own grocery store

Pat Strand    -    Trapping wild animals

Cole Sutheimer    -    Sitting at Evie's bar drinking beer

Kathy Swenson    -    Shooting baskets

Kevin Thoen    -    Pumping gas, married, 3 kids

Donnie Timmerman    -    Trying to keep up with Cole.

Ken Warren    -    Growing up.

Linda Wolff    -    Barmaid.